Coverage Options

Destination Coverage

Travel destinations fit well within our audience as part of a luxury lifestyle. This type of coverage has been growing. Destination coverage can be done for tour operators, tourist organisations or airlines. We can work with various themes that work well with our audience.

For more detailsĀ see our detailed media pack for our Destination Coverage.

EventĀ Coverage

Covering an event online is one of the most important things you have to do. It brings an audience that otherwise would have missed the event, into it. Covering an event isn’t as simple as few few tweets! We can offer professional event coverage in the following ways: Catwalk Critiques, Celebrity & Designer Interviews, Live Streaming, YouTube Optimized content and pre-event marketing campaigns.

Social Media Coverage

Promote your brand via the use of our social media channels. Choose from options that consist of a single post all the way up to a series of posts or a campaign on various platforms! Take advantage of our expert understanding of social engagement and growth.


Having interviewed some of the worlds biggest stars in film, music and sport, we are well versed when it comes to creating unique interviews. We are known for our spontaneous interview style which interviewee’s such as David Gandy, Samuel L. Jackson and Tinie Tempah have really enjoyed.

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