Advertising Options

Branded Posts

Branded Posts are articles written about your brand and can include interviews, product releases or publishing a press release. This 600-800 word article will include 5-10 high quality images and links to your product page or website. The article will also be shared through our social media platforms as follows:

  • 7 Tweets,
  • 1 Facebook Post,
  • 1 Instagram Post

Optional extra YouTube video.


Competitions are a great way of giving your brand exposure and receive valuable email data which can be used for future marketing efforts. We will host the competition for 14 days and share it across our social media platforms as follows:

  • 14 Tweets
  • 2 Facebook Posts
  • 1 Instagram Post

This service is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach a large audience on our platforms and works very well with our banner advertising service. You can link the competition in with a banner ad campaign to increase traffic and therefore sign-ups. CPL (Cost Per Lead) with this service is guaranteed to be lower than you can find elsewhere.

Social Media Coverage

Promote your brand via the use of our social media channels. MenStyleFashion and Gracie Opulanza combined have more than 1 million followers. Choose from options that consist of a single post all the way up to a series of posts or a campaign on various platforms! Take advantage of our expert understanding of social engagement and growth.

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