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Launched in May 2012 is an UK online men’s lifestyle magazine dedicated to fashion, grooming, travel, food, cars and gadgets. Since its initiation, it has grown rapidly to become one of the leading digital publications in the UK. Through our content we aim to target the mid to high-end market in terms of destinations and experiences. Our content is always syndicated and amplified through our interactive social media channels.

Part of a stylish life is the way in which people travel and the destinations they travel to. It is about the travel experiences, the journey, the services, the food and the shopping they do. MenStyleFashion likes to cover destinations and show all these elements. Where it is possible MenStyleFashion combines this with specific fashion related content regarding the destination.


Our readership is for 70% male and most of them are aspirational high income idviduals who enjoy the good things in life.


Age Distribution

  • 18 – 24 27.5% 27.5%
  • 25 – 34 33% 33%
  • 35 – 55 28% 28%

Top 10 Markets

United Kingdom, United States, Canada, India, Germany, Australia, France, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain

Impressive Numbers

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Destination Content

The following type of destination content works well and when MenStyleFashion covers a destination it can mix the following type of content.

  • Weekend Breaks & 1-2 Week Destinations
  • Events – fashion,sports, food festival, cars, music
  • Luxury Travel – spa, 5 star hotels, restaurants
  • Food – ¬†wine tours, food tours
  • Activities – hiking, cycling, diving, sailing, kite surfing etc
  • Attractions – theme parks, museums, heritage
  • Winter Destinations – ski resorts, Christmas markets
  • Resort Destinations – beach, island, golf

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