Gracie Opulanza: Event Reportage

From her personal blogging and work as editor-in-chief / co-founder of MenStyleFashion, Gracie Opulanza began producing recorded interviews with leading industry figures in the fashion and sports fields from mid-2012.

She began by honing her craft on the likes of renowned British male model David James Gandy at the 2013 London Collections: Men. This bookmarked the birth of ´Gracie Opulanza: The Interviewer´ with a ´tongue and cheek´ sartorialesque approach as her trademark style.

To date, Gracie has accomplished over 100 interviews. Underneath her erratic and impulsive techniques lies a philosophy of ´a quest for knowledge´ which allows her to share knowledge of her subjects in a captivating and light hearted manner across her substantial fan base.



From Oscar winners, Movie Stars, World and Olympic Sports Champions to Fashion Designers and Models, Gracie has the skill, empathy and wit to successfully produce excellent reportage for all situations. From directed studio interviews to impromptu commentaries, her quirky and direct approach to interviewing captivates and amuses her subjects, to positive acclaim. Here are some of the highlights of Gracie’s colourful interviewing career.

David Gandy – Top Male Model in the World

Andrew Scott – Actor

Ricki Hall – Top Model

Tinie Tempah

Event Coverage

Gracie’s interview technique is perfect for all types of interview and event classification. Ranging from business to business, promotional and advertising media to event driven dialogues, Gracie can provide continuity with flair, wit and professionalism. A final submission of all media campaigns in raw and edited packages along with exclusive distribution rights means that a consistently high level of service can always be provided.