In the first week of December, launched its first ever ‘Luxury Week’ in London. For a full week, MenStyleFashion brought its 800,000 online followers into a world of luxury lifestyle through social media and on its online fashion and lifestyle magazine.

Multi Channel Coverage

For the first time ever, MenStyleFashion sets out to live a week of luxury in London with the aim of bringing 800,000 people with them online. Through platforms such as Periscope, MyEye and YouTube it engaged the audience through both live video and professionally recorded content.

Being in such exclusive locations allowed MenStyleFashion to work closely with brands such as Bentley, Shangri-­La, Galvin Green, The London Golf Club and Jumeirah to introduce product placement opportunities.

Each brand received invaluable press throughout the week, getting exposure online that’s hard to find anywhere else on the same scale and with the same effect. Luxury Week wasn’t just about products, it was about luxury accommodation, food and travel. That’s why MSF was provided by Bentley Motors with a GT Speed Continental Convertible. MSF even had access to various Michelin starred restaurants and stayed in one of London’s most exclusive Penthouses by Jumeirah Living.

Get Your Brand Covered

Get your brand covered in the next luxury week. For more information on up and coming luxury weeks or other events contact Lewis Jackson or Gracie Opulanza.