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Who Are We

Launched in May 2012 is an online magazine dedicated to men’s fashion, grooming and lifestyle. Since its initiation, it has grown rapidly to become one of the leading digital publications in the UK. Our unique selling point is the interaction with our readers and brands through our interactive social media channels.

Part of a stylish life is the way in which you travel, the services you receive and the food you eat, so hotels, spas and restaurants hold a unique place in lifestyle or desired lifestyle of our audience. Our audience is keen to travel, stay at expensive hotels, pay for spa treatments and eat at the best restaurants! Why not get your hotel, restaurant or spa experience reviewed and join the 200 that have done so.



Age Distribution

  • 18 – 24 27.5% 27.5%
  • 25 – 34 33% 33%
  • 35 – 55 28% 28%

Top 10 Markets

United Kingdom, United Sates, Canada, India, Germany, Australia, France, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain

Impressive Numbers

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What Is Included*

MenStyleFashion’s Review will include the following:

Article – A 800+ word written article with 10-15 high quality images published on The article will feature what stands out at your Hotel, Spa or Restaurant and will written in a positive way. It will include a link back to the hotel website.

Facebook – One post on MenStyleFashion’s Facebook page with 621,000 followers with a link to the review.

Twitter – MenStyleFashion will send out a minimum of 7 tweets to its 212,000 Twitter followers. Some of the tweets will be about the facitlities, accommodation, and food experiences. Others will include a link to the review.

Instagram – 2 Instagram photos about the experience will be posted on two of our Instagram accounts, menstylefashion_com with 47,300 followers and msf_luxury with 21,400 followers.

*The following services are included based upon a one night complimentary offer in return.


The following optional extras are chargeable or part of a two day complimentary stay:

Video Review on YouTube and Facebook  – 3 Minute Video review shared on YouTube and Facebook and embedded in the article.

More Exposure – Additional exposure on our social media channels.

Use Of Edited Images – We will give full use of our edited images even the ones that have not been included in the review.

The following link explains the difference between a one, two and three night complimentary stay.

Hotel reviews explained in detail


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