Who Is Gracie Opulanza?

Gracie Opulanza emanated in the January of 2012. She initially started off life as a style blog for fashion conscious females; four years on – Gracie has ´gown up´ in both quality and content.

Her personal namesake style blog (or simply ´Gracie´ as she is known by to her daily entourage) is one of the most dynamic and engaging style platforms in the digital world today. A bastion of emerging fashion talent, Gracie has a succinct experience of balancing the fashion, luxury and lifestyle industry which allows her to flawlessly switch from critique to personality for any given situation; from the runways of Paris to the showrooms of London, her European sobriquet of ´The Female Voice of Menswear´ is always heard.

¨I am pioneering the new digital marketing strategy of bringing brands together to showcase their collections in a very exclusive and wide-reaching way.¨Gracie Opulanza.

In addition to these attributes, Gracie also observes from the world of luxury with social media reviews and an enviable experience in five star hotel reviewsgourmet restaurant experiences and spa treatments alongside automobile critiques for industry giants which include UK exclusives with Bentley, Rolls Royce, Tesla, McLaren, Ferrari, Lexus, Audi, Ford, Jaguar, Range Rover, Alfa Romeo and more.

Gracie´s captivating interviews and European lifestyle experiences never fail to delight or excite. Controversial insights into the fashion industries less beautiful aspects such as bullying and anorexia reinforce that Gracie Opulanza is all about the personal relationship between her, the subject and her reader which brings about a guaranteed interaction to each and every story.


With Gracie – The Power Is In Her Brand

Gracie Opulanza is all about Gracie’s personal stories and encounters. Her blog is a strategic platform for brands that appreciate the personal relationship that Gracie has with the luxury lifestyle industry and its people.

¨This year, I have been fortunate enough to work with brands such as Grenson shoes, Serengeti sunglasses, Haute Couture designer Monique Collignon and The Bali Luxury Pearl Company who have asked me to show case their collections through my pioneering London Luxury Lifestyle & Fashion Week concept.¨Gracie Opulanza

Her readership statistics and social media coverage work in tandem to represent an optimal opportunity to proclaim your brand message across a divergent media base. As well as content marketing on an array of digital platforms, Gracie is also a seasoned speaker for engagements, conferences and after-dinner speech opportunities which she delivers with flair, finesse and opulence.


GracieOpulanza.com is all about Gracie’s encounters and personal stories. This blog is ideal for brands that like the personal relationship that Gracie has with brands and with people. Her readership and her social media accounts combined represent the perfect opportunity to get your brand message across a wide variety of online media. There is a wide variety of online brand promotion options available. Besides all the online options, Gracie Opulanza is great at speaking engagements and doing event coverage.

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